Infographic: Signs You Have Quality Makeup

It’s a well-known fact some ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products can cause either an allergic or irritated reaction of the skin. But did you know most products used in each product aren’t even regulated by the FDA? This video perfectly showcases these facts and how corrupt marketing is taking over:What’s in your makeup?

Here’s some crazy facts based from both Learnvest and Takepart in an infographic I created:


Learnvest offers many different cosmetic brands that are actually clean and safe to use including Lavera, Juice Beauty, Afterglow Cosmetics, Alima Pure, Jane Iredale, which range in price from $14 up to $52 on a variety of products. The same prices you would spend on more mainstream and overhyped products like MAC, Kat Von D, or Nars but have more benefits for you skin and overall health. Worth the investment!

Did you think products that promoted an organic premise were as toxic as they were? Do you believe these facts? Tell me why or why not down below in the comments or through my social media accounts in Twitter or Instagram!

Until next time guys, stay keaut!



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