Beauty Trends 2017

Hey Keauties! Welcome back!

I thought I’d dip into the upcoming and current beauty trends of this year and give my take on what I’d like to see continue and what won’t last long. Let’s jump into it.



There’s so many YouTube videos I find that all have beauty trends that seem to last a couple weeks, gleaming it’s shimmering light as hopeful prodigies and hopefuls jump to the chance to snag the latest gag. Though some are proven as an advancement in the makeup industry, others seem to dissipate without further acknowledgement.


highlightOne of the first trends I’d like to discuss is the overly-popular highlighting phenomenon. Originating in the 1500’s in the elizabethiopian theater days, actors would apply soot and chalk around their facial structure to emphasize their emotions to their audience during shows.

It suddenly started to grow momentum when Kim Kardashian showed her behind the scenes makeup look of a makeup artist applying lighter and darker shades of foundation and concealer around her prominent facial structures. Highlighting soon took over as a way to excinuate the contour and make your face look fresh and dewy.

highlight 2
Photo Credit: Pinterest


The problem I’ve found lately is how much excess highlight people tend to apply in order for it to show up. Too much is never a good thing, as the old saying goes. Applying that much of one product, especially a highlighter, gives the impression of an almost second-degree burn. Beauty is supposed to appear natural, not overly apparent.



highlight 3
Photo Credit:


My favorite highlight technique is subtle but I feel looks great on all skin types. Using Becca’s highlighter I apply one layer all over my face of highlight on top of my finishing powder before starting to contour to already give my entire face a glowly look without over-doing it.



The Hun (half up bun)


the hun
Photo Credit: Pinterest


I never understood this trend. The look never looked finished to me. Like you were straightening or curling your hair, clipping the excess on top of your head until you got to it, except never really did. I feel this look is spunky in a festival, on the beach and don’t want to dry your scalp out look.




high pony
Photo Credit: Pinterest

I enjoy a simpler rendition of this look by instead using a high pony. This look seems to throw it back into the 90’s and create a better framing for the face that puts most of the focus on your eyes. With a coupling of a great mascara and light pink lip this look is a go-to for any occasion!



Future looks to look forward to?

Through future research I’ve found the following looks on the radar for possible trends to see in the months that follow.

Photo Credit:


wierd 2
Photo Credit:


From blunt and bright eyeshadows, bright eyeliners, and a flashback to those grungy 90’s rock days, these makeup looks seem to be on the rise in trends this year. If you’re an admirer, gather up your glitter and neons for the summer! Is this the new contour phenomenon, contouring the lids?













wierd 3
photo credit:

What do you think of these trends? Do you agree with me about both the highlight and hun? If not, what makes you like them? Let me know in the comments below or contact me on my Twitter or Instagram for updates on new posts and interesting new facts!

Until next time,

Stay Keaut!














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