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Hey Keauties, welcome back!

Last week’s blog was all about the brows, and I figured I’d go a little south in departments and talk a little about lipsticks. Starting from the fashion capital of the world, Paris started manufacturing lipsticks in 1884. Except those shades and consistencies didn’t have the matte and creamy finishes like we enjoy today, these were covered in silk paper and made from deer tallow, castor oil, and beeswax. You can say their products started the trend of non GMOS!

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 A Couple of Favorites:

Instead of diving into the facts and how-to’s of lipsticks I thought I’d change it up and incorporate a simple review of my favorite lip products and what might work for you. Again, everyone is different in what they wear and how the formulas affect your lips. What I might regard as an amazing matte color, may dry your lips out based on your biological factors. We’ll talk more about it later, lets jump in!



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The first lipsticks I want to rave about is that of NARS Cosmetics. Nars is a french makeup company that started in 1994 with twelve shades being sold in Barney’s in New York. From there they certainly progressed because they not only took the makeup world by storm but made me their ultimate biggest fan! What I love most about these lipsticks is their ability to never bleed onto my teeth or outside my lip line when I’m having a stressful and busy day. I’ve tried countless lipsticks from Maybelline to MAC Cosmetics and couldn’t shake the oily ness of them off enough to not bleed. What I would do in those times, however, is use concealer to outline my lips once my lipstick was in place to help prevent any bleeding lines that may occur.

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NARS has yet to let me down in this way. They have a variety of different shades ranging from the plushest of pinks to the deepest of blacks. My favorite line is their Semi-Matte Lipsticks because they give the perfect transition of gloss and matte finish to leave your lips feeling soft and secure all at once. If you’re not into mattes, however, they also have lipstick lines like Satin lip pencils and Sheer lipstick to tickle your fancy. My favorite shear is Dolce Vita because it gives your lips a natural color as well as plumps them in appearance, perfect for any occasion!


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Another essential for me that you may or may not know of is ColourPop Cosmetics. Started in Los Angeles recently in 2014, this cosmetics line has blown up in the industry for their easy to apply and incredibly affordable lipsticks.

Starting at just six dollars a tube, ColourPop transformed “lippies” into a trend, now manufacturing popular Kardashian Kylie Jenner’s lipstick line Kylie Cosmetics. Each lip tube has a doe-foot applicator that makes each application easy, while the Ultra Matte Lips give your lips a moisturizing and in-place finish.

A model has red lipstick applied before British designer Vivienne Westwood Fall/Winter 2010/11 women's ready-to-wear fashion show during Paris Fashion Week
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These two brands are for sure my ultimate goto’s when it comes to lipsticks but I also enjoy using brands like SmashboxBh CosmeticsNYX, and Kat Von D. Each brand may work for you in different ways. It’s important to pick and play with colors and formulas that suit you the best in order to find your perfect match. Happy hunting!


What to Watch for:

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Many independent makeup companies start off strong but have a shady back story. If you’re looking into a brand new company, but weary of what company manufactures their products and what formulas they are using to blend them together. Many times companies will take the cheap and easy way out and produce products that are sub par and sell them for ridiculous prices to make up for their production costs. Some companies don’t pay for sensitivity testing on their products like they should and end up getting lawsuits from those who their products have made them breakout, swell up, or have a serious allergic reaction to. Always look into the company you’re interested in and make sure the itemized ingredients listed on their makeup coincide with your current allergic-reactive process.

If any questions or concerns arise, feel free to comment below. I check this thing regularly and will be able to respond in a quick timeframe. For any updates and information about me you can always reach me on my Twitter and Instagram!

Thank you for reading and always remember to stay Keaut!


Kelsey kiss


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