Bring on the Brows!

Welcome back! Last week, I made a disclosure that I would be talking about eyebrows this week. And already, it’s next week! Time flies! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for updates of when I post and fun facts about makeup, let’s jump in!

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Types of Brushes

I’d also like to first start off by saying eyebrows literally make or break your makeup look. If you don’t want to wear makeup, but just do your eyebrows it gives you a professional, natural look that no one can chase. You can achieve a natural eyebrow look by using a pomade, pencil, powder, or nothing if you use your spooly on your eyebrow brush correctly. Lets start with just the spooly.

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eyebrows4 number 1
Eyebrow brushes with both a spooly and short angled brush tip are the best one’s in my opinion. But everyone’s different! Brushing out the hairs of your eyebrows first before using the angled brush side to apply the powder or pomade gives your brows a great shape all in one utensil. FeelUnique Has great brush options for a great price on brushes as well as constant discount codes to aid with your purchases! Photo Credit:




number 2 An eyebrow brush with a simple angled tip is great for precision and accuracy. The shape of the belly is stacked, making sure the full impact of the powder or pomade applied on to it will all go on your brows instead of straying or falling off by loose bristles. Ulta always has a great selection of these brushes to check out for yourself! Photo Credit: Dentislava Makeup




number3 Eyebrow brushes with an angled brush, along with a fine-toothed comb and soft bristle comb combination are great for neat and arranged looking brows to a tee! People vary in how they want their eyebrows to look. Some may love the slightly tousled, more natural looking brows while others love the structured and sharp looking ones. If this sounds like the brush for you, check out Makeup Forever for not only a great product but many different options to choose from! Photo Credit: Ginamourr Makeup



Now that you’ve contemplated the brush type for you, it’s time for tips and tricks to apply! I personally use a spooly to brush out my hairs before applying my product, but I really like

brow wiz
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using a pencil for filling in my brows. I’ve used pomades before which I loved but I could never really find the right color to match my hair. I’m a light blonde and used to use taupe in color then discovered the magnificent line of Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics. Popular for their eyebrow products, the colors to choose from are versitile and the product itself stays on the hairs of your brows all day.



eyebrows 7
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When applying I make sure to keep the arch in mind in coorelation with the middle of my eye indiciating when the arch should begin. Also, I feel keeping the product light at the front of the brows and gradually increasing the product towards the tips gives your brows the illusion of a natural gradient that doesn’t make your features look harsh. I know when I make my eyebrows dark and concentrated I usually have to compensate and make the rest of my makeup darker and more prominent to make everything even. Eyebrows set the trend for the rest of your makeup, make sure it counts!

chart 2
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Where your arch begins and ends is a make or break for your face. Studies have shown that a face that appears cimetrical is more attractive in appearance and gives your overall face a softer outlook. The arch should be the most prominant towards the end of your iris on the lateral sides of your face. The tip or point of your eyebrows should end when your eye does and your brows should begin at the start of your tear duct.

contouring eyebrows
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Once I’m done filling in and shaping my brows I like to go around them with a concealer. This is a great trick that makes them look newly waxed as well as covers any mistakes that might have happened during application. Not only does this complete your overall look, spraying on a setting spray or using an eyebrow gel to comb in your hard work leaves the look steady all day and night if you wish!

Finding the right brushes, makeup product, the right texture of product, and the practice of contouring will make such a difference to your makeup look that you won’t regret. Remember, everyone’s different and finding what works for you takes some time with a lot of trial and error. Thanks for reading guys! I hope this post helped some of you with basic knowledge of how to get great eyebrows and leaving you feeling confident and beautiful! Comment below with any questions or concerns, follow my social media for updates and always remember you’re a keauty!

Bye guys! xo


















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