Conceal the Barriers

Myths about concealers

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What I’ve learned over the past decade since I first started doing makeup was what was too much makeup, and the right techniques to use. Growing up there has been numerous application routes that I’ve mastered and failed leading up to the point of me perfecting my own makeup routine. If finding the right concealer is new to you, here’s a few myths debunked to help you breath a sigh of relief:

  • Myth One: You must find your exact match

Contrary to popular belief, finding the exact match concealer to your skin tone isn’t the best way to hide your under eye circles. Also, applying the lightest shade underneath your eyes to conceal also isn’t a great feature to point out when applying. The application for concealer should reveal to third parties that you aren’t wearing any, even if you are. By first using a shade darker than your skin tone to conceal your under eyes, then applying a light setting powder over it gives your eyes a pop while concealing any dark discoloration to the maximum.

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  •  Myth Two: The more expensive the concealer, the better the product

There are so many great concealers in the market that don’t cost an arm and leg to purchase. If you’re going to an event or photoshoot, staying in the realm of high end makeup might be more suitable because there’s products designed especially for that benefit. But for an everyday look, you don’t need the beauty guru advice and high maitenence money to achieve the right coverage you’re looking for. Like I’ve stated in my previous blog post, NYX Cosmetics is a great line in between high end and drug store makeup that can give you great coverage for one third the price of more expensive brands.

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    Myth Three: Layering your concealer and powder will make you appear “cakey”:

Unfortuately, this is only true if you’re not using the correct techniques. The best advice to give resulting in a smooth, flawless complextion is simply to blend. Invest in a beauty blender. You don’t have to buy the twenty dollar one, a simple application sponge that’s dense in texture will do just as fine. By dampening the sponge slightly before blending in your concealer, foundation, or contour will make the biggest difference in achieving a smooth and natural appearence to the face. Sounds simple enough, but many women and men don’t blend their makeup into their skin nearly enough as they should. Taking about three minutes going all over the skin, pressing the sponge with medium pressure into the surface allows it to soak into the pores a lot easier and faster which gives you a more flawless look.

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Practice makes perfect. I’ve been through so many trial and errors when applying my makeup that I felt I just couldn’t get it. Learning the basics and feeling comfortable knowing you don’t have to follow everyone else’s trends is such a stress reliever when finding your own look. You have to play around with different coverage types (high or low), brands (some ingredients might make your skin break out), and colors (what you think is a shade darker or lighter than your skin tone may be incorrect once applying) in order to achieve a look that you feel comfortable and beautiful in.

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Next week’s discussion: eyebrows. I’ll show you how to find the right shade, how they should be shaped, and how to touch them up to give them optimal arching. Until then, check out my Instagram and Twitter for cool facts and weekly updates on new blog posts! Remember to stay Keaut and I’ll talk to you guys later!

xoxo, Kelsey.


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