Covering the Bases

bare face makeup
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What Makes a Great Foundation?

Foundation or ‘base’ is an essential product in makeup that helps to smooth out red or blotchy pigmentation in the skin and create a flawless complexion. When using foundation there’s three key factors to look for:

  • Color Matching
  • Blend-Ability
  • Coverage

Most concealers and foundations offer a wide range of colors to help match every individual with the correct skin tone. Lets jump right in, but don’t forget to visit my Instagram for any questions and comment your favorite foundations below and always remember, you’re a keauty!

mac prolong wear foundation
MAC ProLong Wear Foundation: $34.00

Mac is a great choice if you’ve often found it hard to find the right color for your skin tone. A staple for me is the MAC ProLong Wear Foundation, which is waterproof and lasts twenty-four hours to keep your active lifestyle looking great. Mac cosmetics are great because they offer a wide range of color variations ranging from NC15, the lightest shade, to NW50, the darkest.

clear skin
Neutrogenia Skin Clearing Oil Free Foundation:$14.09


Neutrogena also offers great foundations like their Skin Clearing Oil Free Makeup Foundation that helps to fight blemishes. This foundation has a microClear technology that boosts the power of salicylic acid by breaking through oil and unclogging pores for fast acne relief. Plus, if you’re on a budget this foundation is perfect, only $14.09 at most Ulta stores!

tarte foundation
Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Powdered Foundation: $39.00

Though if you’re not looking for a liquid foundation there are also a plethora of powdered foundations to choose from! My favorite is Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Mask Foundation that’s great for the skin and gives you great full coverage that could also double as a concealer.

NYX Stay Matte but not Flat Powdered Foundation: $9.50


NYX cosmetics is also a great company whose products range between high-end and drug-store. My everyday go-to is NYX’s Stay Matte but not Flat Powder Foundation.

Key Ingredients to Avoid in a Foundation:

foundation before and after.jpg
photo credit: The Huffington Post

1.) Polyethylene- Causes skin irritations and canker sores.

2.) Parabens- Can interfere with hormone function and are found in breast cancer tissues.

3.) DEA (diethanolamine)- Can cause eye and skin irritations, high exposures may cause liver cancers.

4.) Dibutyl phthalate or DBP- Can enhance the capacity of other chemicals, which may cause genetic mutations.

5.) BHA and BHT- These compounds are closely related to synthetic antioxidants used as preservatives in the skin which can cause allergic reactions.


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