Infographic: Signs You Have Quality Makeup

It's a well-known fact some ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products can cause either an allergic or irritated reaction of the skin. But did you know most products used in each product aren't even regulated by the FDA? This video perfectly showcases these facts and how corrupt marketing is taking over:What's in your makeup? [...]


Cleanse the Palette

Welcome back Keauties! Last week we dove into fashion and makeup trends so I thought this week we'd settle back into makeup products to review. In particular, eye shadows! I don't know about you, but eye shadow makes or breaks my makeup look. There's many varieties of products to chose from and ingredients to avoid [...]

The Best and Safest Makeup Products

I've discussed sparingly before of the right and wrong ingredients to buy and avoid in makeup in previous blogs but I'd like to die a little more in depth of why you should avoid certain ingredients. There are great makeup products to purchase with safe ingredients, high pigmentation, and lasting effects without breaking the bank. In fact, [...]

Sticking with the Lips

Hey Keauties, welcome back! Last week's blog was all about the brows, and I figured I'd go a little south in departments and talk a little about lipsticks. Starting from the fashion capital of the world, Paris started manufacturing lipsticks in 1884. Except those shades and consistencies didn't have the matte and creamy finishes like [...]

Bring on the Brows!

Welcome back! Last week, I made a disclosure that I would be talking about eyebrows this week. And already, it's next week! Time flies! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for updates of when I post and fun facts about makeup, let's jump in! Types of Brushes I'd also like to first start off [...]

Conceal the Barriers

Myths about concealers What I've learned over the past decade since I first started doing makeup was what was too much makeup, and the right techniques to use. Growing up there has been numerous application routes that I've mastered and failed leading up to the point of me perfecting my own makeup routine. If finding [...]

Covering the Bases

What Makes a Great Foundation? Foundation or ‘base’ is an essential product in makeup that helps to smooth out red or blotchy pigmentation in the skin and create a flawless complexion. When using foundation there’s three key factors to look for: Color Matching Blend-Ability Coverage Most concealers and foundations offer a wide range of colors [...]